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The Zoom Meeting

Virtual Meeting Skills Training

How to create great meetings with engaged staff -
more effective, more productive, better outcomes


Real-time learning exercise to practise meetings skills in a virtual meeting scenario

Chairing | InfluencingListeningConsensus-SeekingDecision-making

Improve your audio, video, lighting, behaviour, etiquette

Develop a redundancy programme and a home-working strategy


Can form part of a facilitated training programme or be self-administered by the team

4-7 participants

Time allowed: 90 minutes


The Zoom Meeting simulation has been designed for team members to practise vital meeting skills, with the additional challenge of being physically separated.

The simulation can be undertaken in a traditional training environment or as a virtual exercise with team members in different locations and communication limited to email and video conferencing. In either case, the simulation gives team members an opportunity to practise vital meeting skills.


Running it as a virtual exercise brings learnings in how to improve your audio, video and lighting set up, how to behave on a Zoom call, and appropriate virtual meeting etiquette. 

The comprehensive facilitated review of behaviours and achievements at the end of the meeting enables the team to extract and embed the learnings from the exercise.


There is sufficient content for a follow-up meeting to be held to practise the learnings revealed in the review, and further explore the issues related to managing an office re-opening.


The management team of this organisation has been under lock-down during a virus pandemic. Some staff have been working from home and some have been furloughed.


The team meeting has been called to discuss and decide arrangements for re-opening the office premises.


Currently, the organisation employs 50 staff. The board of directors have decided that, in response to economic forecasts, this number must be reduced by 25%. They are prepared to offer redundancy payments of £1,000 for each year of service, and pro rata. Statutory rights apply.


Health and safety considerations suggest that working spaces will have to be reorganised and that the maximum office capacity will be reduced to 28 workstations.


The team is required to decide a strategy for re-opening the office:

  • How many and who should be made redundant
  • How many and who should be required to work from home
  • Layout and capacity of the office premises
  • Consultation and communication

Decisions should support the long-term success of the organisation.

How to create great meetings with engaged staff -
more effective, more productive, better outcome

  • Real-time learning exercise to practise and improve  meeting skills
  • Training in how to set up your video terminal and participate in virtual meetings
  • Comprehensive resource pack on working from home, redundancy rules and the post-COVID world of work 

The Zoom Meeting Skills Training

4-7 participants

Time allowed: 90 minutes


To demonstrate the need for structuring and controlling team meetings and to allow groups to practise meeting skills such as chairing, influencing, listening, consensus-seeking and decision-making.


The simulation has been designed for four to seven players. It can form part of a formal training programme – and is also suitable for a team to use as a self-administered exercise.


Skills practised:

  • Setting up a virtual meeting
  • Participating in virtual meetings and webinars
  • Chairing
  • Structuring and controlling discussions
  • Participation/assertiveness
  • Influencing
  • Listening to others
  • Consensus-seeking and decision-making

In addition, the exercise provides an opportunity to explore:

  • How to handle redundancies
  • Equal opportunities policy
  • Pros and cons of working from home

The post-meeting review

It is good practice for meetings to be followed by a short review of the processes and behaviours:

  • What happened during the meeting?
  • What went well?
  • What was not so successful?
  • How could the meeting have been improved?

After a training session it is worth doing this analysis in more detail.


The Zoom Meeting pack includes a set of questions under these headings:

  • Behaviour of the chair
  • Structuring and controlling discussion
  • Influencing
  • Listening
  • Consensus-seeking and decision-making
  • Dealing with insufficient information
  • Administration and organisation
  • Behaviour
  • Recommendations for improvement

What you get

All materials required for this exercise are provided in a downloadable zip file and identified for easy email distribution to the participants.


The reports for the meeting provide information about using technology for virtual meetings and webinars, including sound, lighting and behaviour.


In addition, the support papers and the discussion generated in the meeting give insights into how to handle redundancies and home-working.



These documents are for the use of the trainer/organiser and should not be automatically distributed to the participants.

  • Trainer’s Guide
  • Organiser Instructions
  • Role allocation – complete this and then send to participants
  • Management meeting review – send to participants at the end of the meeting


These documents are to be sent to the participants with notice of the meeting and, if relevant, the Zoom link. Ideally, this will be at least the day before. If the exercise is part of a training workshop they may be distributed at the start of the exercise; in which case allow 30 minutes to study them before the start of the meeting.

  • Instructions for participants
  • Personal behaviour at a Zoom meeting
  • Zoom meeting best practice
  • Agenda
  • Report: Staff analysis and home working survey results
  • Report: Three scenarios for the post-COVID world of work
  • Report: National furlough scheme
  • Report: Statutory redundancy
  • Report: Equal opportunities policy
  • Report: Office reorganisation


You may re-use these materials within your own organisation as long as you retain the copyright note.


If you would like us to develop and introduce a bespoke management exercise for your organisation, then contact us now.

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