Wealth Dynamics

Roger Hamilton

The creator of Wealth Dynamics

Success comes from knowing which game to play, and then playing that game – and only that game. Each of us has a game that is most suited to our natural habits and talents.”

The Paradox of Success

How have the richest people in the world got so wealthy, when they have followed such opposing paths to success?

  • Bill Gates leverages products with other people's systems.
  • Jack Welch chose to run companies that he did not start.
  • Richard Branson chose to start companies that he does not run.
  • Warren Buffett invests in companies he neither started nor runs....

How can this be? How do I know whose example to follow?

There are only eight paths to choose from.

  • Which path is right for me?
  • Which path should I follow?

Wealth Dynamics profiling shows you not only which path to follow for yourself, but also who you should work with to leverage your talent. Find out now.


"The Wealth Profiling is an absolute must for everyone. Not only did it explain so much about me, it showed me the way forward to quicker results by finding the right people to joint venture with." Mark


"The profiling really does help you understand why certain things seem such hard work and drain your energy. I wish I had seen things from this perspective many years ago." Joyce


"My biggest learning was around the profiling. I realised why I may be doing things that my personality is not best suited to and that is why I don't like them." Mike


The eight paths to success

Welcome to Wealth Dynamics, Roger Hamilton's unique system for understanding your personal profile and how to leverage it to realise your full potential.


Wealth Dynamics was developed by Roger Hamilton and is now adopted by entrepreneurs world-wide to identify the path that is right for them: the path of least resistance.


Wealth Dynamics is a profiling system that assesses your personality, strengths, productivity, values and group behaviour to determine your most natural way to build wealth. Organisations are using it to balance their teams – making sure that people are in the best roles, and improving communication.


Unlike other profiling systems, Wealth Dynamics relates directly to business roles and the stages of business.

Creator: Building a better product

Star: Creating a unique brand

Supporter: Leading the team

Deal Maker: Bringing people together

Trader: Buying low, selling high

Accumulator: Collecting appreciating assets

Lord: Controlling cash generating assets

Mechanic: Creating a better system

Build effective teams

Understanding the eight wealth profiles, the game each plays and the rules of each game, allows you to build effective teams and to lead, learn, connect and communicate in the way that suits you and your relationships.


Communicate better: What questions do you ask – and how do you think? What questions do they ask – and how do they think? Are you on the same wavelength?

Understanding your profile will show you where to invest your time, how to create value and leverage that value, what type of opportunities are right for you, and which ones are wrong for you.


You will discover who are the essential profiles to work with now – and how to communicate with them.

Eight stages of enterprise

Just as there are eight profiles for individuals, so there are also eight stages of enterprise growth. As an enterprise moves through the eight stages, the value within the enterprise evolves. Like pass-the-parcel, the value changes as the parcel changes hands.


Every great wealth creator understands intuitively what part they play in the cycle. Each receives value at one level, and passes it on at another.


When you understand your team's profiles you can match them to the eight stages.

Proven concept – put Creators in charge of new projects, but move them onto the next creation once their job is done.

Brand attraction – give Stars the systems and support to enable them to focus on building new business.

Operating team – Build a plan and set goals with a Supporter and then let them lead the team with their own management style.

Market connections – work with Deal Makers to nurture the customer and partner relationships you have.

Tradable entity – Traders will have their ear to the ground in your market and your team; they are the best negotiators.

Bankable asset – Accumulators are reliable and make the best project managers.

Cash generating infrastructure – Lords are your best analysts; give them space to study the detail.

Licensable system – give Mechanics an existing process or product to improve.


Discover your profile...

Who should be your role model?

What should be your style? Where should you focus your energy?


Should you be a Richard Branson (Creator) ... or an Oprah Winfrey (Star) ... or a Warren Buffet (Accumulator) ... or a Jack Welch (Supporter)?...


Or, perhaps, you should follow Lackshmi Mittal or Sergei Brin, who are both Lords.


Whose style and focus is best for you?

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