Wealth Dynamics Profile - The Supporter

Supporters have strong interpersonal skills

They are great at building relationships but generally poor at knowing how to use their ability to create sustainable wealth in a way that?s fun for them. They have little or no affinity for systems so it is easy for the value they create to be lost.


Supporters are the strongest leaders

They can translate value into action through people. As Jack Welch said, "Information moves so fast today, and everyone has more information than the CEO does. So the only role of the CEO is to be out there energising people and turning this information into action."


Supporters are masters at energising teams

By giving them the confidence they need to succeed. Quoting Welch again, "Giving people self-confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do. Because then they will act." Supporters supply the glue without which great plans would crumble.


Supporters struggle to find the right business to start

This is despite their fabulous network. They are asking themselves what business they should start, when they should be asking themselves which value creator they should support. Rather than asking "What?" they should ask "Who?"


Successful supporters continue to play the game

They continue to play the game with the same value creator, building a culture of effective execution. Steve Ballmer has led Microsoft, giving Bill Gates the space to create, and his shares in Bill's company now give him a net worth of over $13 billion.


Successful supporters can be found in their own business

Such as in public relations, headhunting and consulting where others will pay big bucks for access to the people they know. Where others would take months to find the right person, it often takes Supporters just one phone call.


Examples of successful Supporters

Jack Welch, Michael Eisner, Steve Case and Meg Whitman.


Could you be a Supporter?

Jack Welch spent his working life at General Electric. His strategy was focused on his strength, which was his people management. He said "I spend 60% or more of my time on people stuff, and that's the way it should be. I couldn't produce a show on NBC; I couldn't build an engine; I couldn't do any of these things. So my involvement revolves around people."


Supporters are people based. They ask "Who?" "Who do I need to call or who do I need to know?" "Who can help me or who knows the answer?"


They enjoy team building and networking, make good cheerleaders, but often seek too many opinions and can be easily defocused.


Could you be a Supporter?

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