Wealth Dynamics Profile - The Mechanic

A mechanic has the ability to control and manage people

This is without necessarily having any charismatic leadership qualities.

Mechanics endure and tend to rely on duplication and replication, and love to challenge the status quo.


Mechanics may get caught up in the detail

This can be at the expense of the big picture. Successful mechanics include Ray Kroc and Sam Walton.


While Creators are great at starting things, Mechanics are great at finishing things

They are perfectionists, which is why they cannot resist finding ways to do things better. One of Henry Ford's maxims was: "Everything can always be done better than it is being done."


While Stars twinkle, Mechanics tinker

They get hands-on with their systems and prefer to study how to improve things with their hands dirty. As a result, they have little interest in impressing with or indulging in their appearance.


Many Mechanics have yet to get going

This is because they are still trying to figure out what business to start. Ray Kroc was 52 before he realised he didn't need to start his own business, he could take an existing business – McDonald's – and make it better.


Most Mechanics have companies with better systems than their competitors

However, they have not leveraged these systems with stronger products produced by others, or their business is limited by their autocratic management style and high staff turnover.


Successful mechanics remain hands-on

They continue fine-tuning their systems long after they have delegated many other areas of their business. This is where they see the greatest results, and where they gain the most satisfaction.


Examples of successful Mechanics

Michael Dell, Henry Ford, Ray Kroc, Sam Walton and Ingvar Kamprad


Could you be a Mechanic?

Like Ford before him, Michael Dell understood the importance of inventory velocity – the number of inventory returns he could achieve by increasing output and reducing stock. "The quality of your information is inversely proportional to the amount of assets required, in this case excess inventory... If you have great information – that is you know exactly what people want and how much – you need that much less inventory." By minimising inventory, Dell was able to achieve unbeatable pricing.


Mechanics are data and task based. They ask "How?" and "What?" "How will this be built?" "What is a better way or what is a better product?"


They are innovative perfectionists able to spot inefficiencies in the system, but can seem aloof and removed; their communication style can cause friction.


Could you be a Mechanic?

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