Wealth Dynamics Profile - The Creator

Creators are big picture thinkers

They have an awesome ability to get things started, although they tend to be shocking when it comes to finishing things. Their drive and momentum can be exhausting for others around them, and they themselves very rarely know how to use their drive and intuition to maximum effect.


Creators flit from one project to the next

It's common for a creator to flit from one project or opportunity to the next...without ever benefiting from the fruit of their efforts.


Creators can't resist creating

They keep creating long after they have run out of resources, money, and other people's patience. In fact, they have their greatest creative breakthroughs after most others would have given up.


Many creators do not make the best managers

They run faster than their teams, and are often on to the next venture before they have made money from the last one.


The world is also full of frustrated Creators

Creators that have started a business and are now stuck running it! They did a great job creating it, but now do a mediocre job trying to manage others (often blaming their team for not 'keeping up'). They move at speed, but can leave a big wake behind them.


Many Creators fail because of their over-optimism

They are over optimistic about what their business and their team can achieve. This optimism has led many to take on far too much, leaving them little time to do what they do best.


Successful Creators have delegated everything

Everything, except the creative process itself ̵ and they focus on creating new products, or new companies, while others take care of the day-to-day business.


Examples of successful creators

Richard Branson, Walt Disney, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison. Also, Roger Hamilton – the creator of Wealth Dynamics.


Could you be a Creator?

Richard Branson has over 200 companies, and his Virgin Group generates over $8 billion in revenue. As a creator of companies rather than inventions, Branson has been a master of leveraging himself out of sticky situations through his creativity.

Creators are task-based and naturally ask "What? "What should I do now or what should I do next?." "What is a better way or what is a better product?"

They are visionary and able to inspire others – but over optimistic and easily distracted.


Could you be a Creator?

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