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Keeping a swipe file is a common practice used by advertising copywriters and creative directors as a reference of ideas and projects. Every coach or trainer should have one too.


For more than thirty years I have been collecting ideas, developing handouts and designing questionnaires. Welcome to my swipe files.

Richard Winfield

Founder of the Brefi Group

I have opened up my archive.


For more than thirty years I have been collecting ideas, developing handouts for clients and designing questionnaires.


They have accumulated on my hard drive until there are nearly 400.


Now I'm making them available to you. 


You can use them for inspiration. You can also cut and paste them, redesign them or use them unchanged.


This is an annual subscription programme, so you can access them whenever you want. I just ask you to retain and respect the copyright on any diagrams or illustrations.


How to access this valuable collection

The best deal by far is to subscribe to the complete collection; you can also access a selection in our free Taster collection.


Otherwise you can subscribe to any group individually.


Swipe Files Taster Folder


Complete Collection




Personal Development


Management & Leadership


Decision Making


Business Planning & Strategy £24.75

Directors, Boards & Governance £49.50

Corporate Culture


Marketing, Sales & Negotiation £24.75

Communication & Presentations £24.75



NeuroLinguistic Programming £24.75





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