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Personal Development

Wealth Dynamics Profiling

"Each of us has a game that is most suited to our natural habits and talents." Roger Hamilton – creator of Wealth Dynamics


How have the richest people in the world got so wealthy, when they have followed such opposing paths to success?


Discover which of the eight profiles is your key to success - and how to build a better team

Perfect Match

57 coaching questions for interview preparation


This 34 page guide and workbook is for coaches who work with clients who are preparing for a job interview. It is intended to be a stimulating addition to the coach's repertoire, ensuring that the coach will never be stuck for a coaching question again and the client will engage in the right sort of preparation in order to perform well at interview - to find that Perfect Match between their talents and their next job.

Managing people in-tray exercise - personal

For candidates preparing for an assessment


This In-Tray simulation puts teams and individuals into a "real-world" scenario where they are forced to sift through a complex mountain of information and make difficult decisions under pressure. The object is to quickly identify individuals who are able to work under pressure, prioritise information and make informed decisions in a complex environment.

Making it Happen


This 33 page guide and workbook is for those who would like to find the easiest and most enjoyable way to make their goals happen.


It contains practical exercises and useful advice designed to help you find your motivation, overcome procrastination and begin to make your future into reality.

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