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The Zoom Meeting


The Zoom meeting is a real-time learning exercise to teach meetings skills in a virtual meeting scenario.

Additional features include: handling redundancies and pros and cons of a home-working strategy.


The simulation can form part of a facilitated training programme or be self-administered by the team.


4-7 participants. Time allowed: 90 minutes

Hollow Square


This game can be used to help teams understand the impact of communication between those who develop plans and those who have to implement them. It also highlights helpful and not so helpful behaviours when planning, assigning or completing tasks.


Teams that regularly work on problem solving will find the game useful for alerting them to factors that encourage or restrict effectiveness. It can be played at several levels of complexity ...

Prisoners' Dilemma


The Prisoners' Dilemma is a well known trust game which helps teams to understand about working together for a win-win outcome.


It isolates the components of trust and demonstrates the concept of win-win to bring greater understanding of the processes involved in building, maintaining, losing and regaining trust. It also provides an insight into positional and principled negotiation...

Rigger - A team construction game


This game can be used to help teams understand skills, behaviours and techniques that work in a high pressure situation. It aids communication and learning about managing practical problems. It is useful for drawing out the differences between managing a project and managing routine work.


Rigger can be played at several levels of complexity and the game pack suggests many variations you could use.

Space Ship Shortlist


This game can be used to teach decision making or negotiation skills, or to investigate attitudes to diversity and challenge stereotypes. It has been designed to alert participants to the danger of allowing prejudice and emotion to get into the way of negotiating a logical decision.


It can be played at several levels of emotional involvement.

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