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"Success comes from knowing which game to play, and then playing that game – and only that game. Each of us has a game that is most suited to our natural habits and talents." Roger Hamilton – creator of Wealth Dynamics





The paradox of success


How have the richest people in the world got so wealthy, when they have followed such opposing paths to success?

  • Bill Gates leverages products with other people's systems.

  • Jack Welch chose to run companies that he did not start.

  • Richard Branson chose to start companies that he does not run.

  • Warren Buffett invests in companies he neither started nor runs....

How can I know whose example to follow?

There are only eight paths to choose from.

  • Which path is right for me?

  • Which path should I follow?

Wealth Dynamics profiling shows you not only which path to follow for yourself, but also who you should work with to leverage your talent. 


"The Wealth Profiling is an absolute must for everyone. Not only did it explain so much about me, it showed me the way forward to quicker results by finding the right people to joint venture with." Mark


"The profiling really does help you understand why certain things seem such hard work and drain your energy. I wish I had seen things from this perspective many years ago." Joyce


"My biggest learning was around the profiling. I realised why I may be doing things that my personality is not best suited to and that is why I don't like them." Mike

Discover your profile...

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