Managing people in-tray exercise

An exercise for people preparing for an assessment


For use by career coaches, consultants and HR departments

This version of the Imperial plc in-tray exercise is licensed for use by an individual consultant or HR department. It is downloadable in Word format and may be re-branded but not used externally.

About the Imperial plc in-tray exercise

This In-Tray simulation puts teams and individuals into a "real-world" scenario where they are forced to sift through a complex mountain of information and make difficult decisions under pressure. The object is to quickly identify individuals who are able to work under pressure, prioritise information and make informed decisions in a complex environment.


Candidates are asked to sort through their in-tray, email and voicemail and then answer a series of questions that require them to prioritise, make difficult decisions and prove leadership under fire. Decisions have to be taken within a tough deadline and in the context of an unfamiliar political environment.


They will be tested on their ability to think strategically, anticipate future trends, events, problems or opportunities and develop strategies for addressing them.


You should allow an hour for them to complete the exercise and then spend another hour reviewing their answers against the notes that are included. If you can facilitate this, candidates will get better feedback and learning.


What you get

The Imperial plc in-tray exercise is downloaded directly from the Internet in Microsoft Word. It comes with complete instructions together with an organisation chart, a breakdown of your team and the contents of the in-tray.


All the answers are provided in full together with explanations and a list of learning points.


This exercise has been developed into a UK business context from a special agent in-basket assessment used by the US Department of Homeland Security. You may copy all sheets for your personal or departmental use as long as you retain the copyright note.

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