Executive Mentoring in Organisations

Executive mentoring will improve your effectiveness in terms of leadership, decision-making, creativity, stress, time management, meetings - and career development

What is executive mentoring?

Executive mentoring involves the processes of executive coaching, but in a mentoring context. A mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser who takes a custodial interest in the progress of an other.


Mentors are often appointed within an organisation, both to give experience to the mentor and to foster the progress or more junior staff. For a senior executive, this might not be possible and the organisation must look outside to an organisation like Brefi Group.


Find out the difference between coaching and mentoring in this article.


What does an executive mentor do?

A mentor will help an executive assess his or her performance, to obtain confidential feedback in individual strengths and weaknesses, and to learn new skills and behaviours. The mentor will help the executive build a valuable network and might also introduce him/her to his own contacts. Mentors take a long term approach to furthering the executive's career. Mentors are likely to be older and more experienced than the executives they mentor.

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